AENT.021 Various Artists – ( R E A S S A M B L E D )

YEAR: 2013
FORMAT: CD / Download
FILE UNDER: Ambient / Drone / Experimental
Aentitainment Shop | Adnoiseam | Permafrost

A quick shot right into the heart of summer. Six musicians laid their hands on the bass laden creations of [ B O L T ], giving the tunes their own twist which more than just once turns out as a surprise…

You’ll find yourself questioning “Damn! Where’s dem drone?” listening to “Reassembled”. Let’s take a closer look at the variations we have here:

The mexican beatmaker PECHUGA DE POLLODIABOLO heads for an almost classical attempt building the track up by adding more & more layers of melodies on top of each other and ending somewhere in elektric freejazz chamber music.

Producer & sounddesigner EWALDT takes glitches & Sqaurepusher-like percussions to underlay his crystaline production.

Wellknown composer PETRELS turns the material to something that is simply innitially his own. Is there some original material used? He swears it is…

The rework of DAMSCRAY is dominated by heavy beats, exotic percussions & metal guitar (!) interruptions. A welcome break.

TISSIKA stays closer to the original laying the focus of his work on actually re-mixing / re-arranging the song into a more eerie direction.

ASMO graps the atmosphere to create a pitch-black / no-hope-left, dubby ending to this record.
So where’s the drone? It’s in the darkness of the attic..


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