AENT.023 Utopia:Banished – That’s why everything burns

YEAR: 2013
FORMAT: CD / Vinyl / Download
FILE UNDER: Postrock / Alternative / Industrial
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The new EP of the german Ex-Industrial rock outfit reaches for a more organic & flowing sound.

Utopia:Banished are not your run-off-the-mill four piece rock band. Based in the former mining capitol of western Germany, they started over a decade ago as a one-man-studio project focusing on a more industrial kind of approach to music. Over the years the band evolved into its current line-up consisting of guitar, bass, drums, synths and vocals, never fully leaving their origins behind, but opening up to a whole variety of different genres.

Utopia:Banished 2013

The precision of progressive rock, the stoicism of industrial unexpectedly combined with the raw “fuck you” attitude of punk topped off with a lyrical deepness and purity, one has to search for at this day and age, making utopia:banished on the one hand hard to describe but on the other hand the reason they stand out of the uniformity of bands found in those genres today.

Perfect for people who spend time searching, finding and listening to music that is original and out of the ordinary, but that can still offer melodies and tunes that will stay in your ear long past your listening session.

Think of nine inch nails finally coming to terms with skinny puppy and meeting up with deftones and tool to record music in an old abandoned coal-mining factory that is slowly crumbling down while they perform.




“Die stoische Hymnik, die etwas Entrücktes und Gefährliches hat, und der ansprechende Komplexfaktor, der den großen Rahmen gibt und nichts Gewöhnliches passieren lässt, finden bei Utopia Banished eine Einheit, die längst kein Genre bedient und schön gegen den Strich arbeitet.”
Ragazzi Music

“Ziemlich kranker, düsterer Scheiss!”
Concert visitor


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