Why is this page written in English? Aren’t you from Germany?

Yes, we’re from Germany but as we try to operate as international as we can we choose the English language for business and we’re too lazy to set up an alternate website in German.

What’s your musical style?

Good music, broken music, edgey music. Interesting stuff. We’re not bound to a genre.

Where can I buy your stuff?

We have our own mailorder and work with several distributors. Plus there are a few independent records stores that stock our releases. If your shop of choice does not, just tell them to jump on the train.

If you want to go & buy our releases somewhere else, try these:


Do you have digital releases?

No & Yes…
“No”, we don’t have digital only releases, “yes” you can download our releases. Just check our BANDCAMP page.

Can I buy your releases in digital form

Yes. Hit the bandcamp pages or check itunes or whatever you favour.

I wanna book one of your artists. What do I have to do?

First thing’s first: That’s cool!
Drop us a mail and let us know who, where, when… The generel conditions and we’ll arrange something.

Can I send you a demo?

Sure, we’re a label, we love music…
Use the dropbox, send us CDs, send us an email with a link. But please don’t send a mp3 attached.

I want you to release my stuff, what do I have to do?

Simply make great songs and let us listen to them. And you have to play live. This is a point that is very important to build up a kinda fanbase. Keep in mind that this is your job, not ours.