we’re honoured to announce that “SHE HAS A COLD, COLD HEART” has joined the Aentitainment rooster.

Netherland based electronic producer Elias Lichtblick creates compelling pieces that place the listener in cold but fruitful soundscapes that have multiple sides. By mixing (semi)modular analog- and digital synths & sources, “She Has A Cold, Cold Heart” is filled with compositions that are frequently embodied by a pulse, but are way more than that, keeping your brain active enough to pay attention to your surroundings, but not clogging your brain enough to overwhelm.

It is when you take a second listen and look beyond the pulsation that you realize the gorgeous textures created from a very unique mix of minimalism and noise. Dance music not for your body but for your soul to dance to, “She Has A Cold, Cold Heart” pairs the primal rhythms that keep us alive with the contemplative ambiance and confusion that keeps us up at night.

An album is sheduled for fall 2015. In the meantime check SHACCH on soundcloud and / or facebook.


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