( 0 3 ) is coming

if you follow us on the social channels you might have heard it through the grapevine. [ B O L T ], the notorious all-we-really-need-is-two-bass-guitars-to-drone-duo has a new album coming. Following their very own code it will go by the name of “( 0 3 )” and will be available as vinyl, CD and download.

But let’s approach this case step by step…

shortly after their free digital debut ( 0 1 ) saw the light of day we wrapped our capitalistic hands around them to release the 100 limited copies of ( 0 2 ) on white vinyl. This piece is sold out nowadays. What followed was extensive touring and a hardly comprehensible stream of collaborations and features such as the [ B O L T ] / Petrels Split 10″, the Tape with Ewaldt on Wolves and Vibracy Records and the N+[ B O L T ] 12″ on Midira Records just to name a few.

So now it’s ( 0 3 )

first thing that meets the eye is the design obviously. minimaistic as its precursors the cover simply shows the known bar and nothing else. the color of choice is black.

What reads like a strange code is the significant tracklisting:
[ 1 5 ] – [ 1 1 ] – [ 1 4 ] – [      ] – [ 0 1 ]* – [ 1 9 ] – [ 2 6 ] – [ 1 5 ]

[ 0 1 ]* no component of the vinylversion

soundwise an undeniable progress has taken place. where once the distored-to-the-max walls of sound were all over the place a more ambientesk eagerness to experiment comes into play. possibly attractive fun-fact to all gearwhorshippers: no synthesizers have been used on this album.
all in all the band presents itself in a more grown-up, elaborated heavy darkness than just slowly shredding chords. but it’s still highly recommended to play this one at health-risky volume.

It’s preorder time

as usual we offer a you the chance to order your copy (in your format of choice) before the record has actually been released.

preorder the Vinyl (inkl. download)
preorder the CD
preorder the Tshirt

to make it a little more interesting we’ve thrown together two bundles that might be just up your alley:

Vinyl (inkl. download) & Tshirt
CD & Tshirt

enough now

enough with words, take a sneak peek of what the record sounds like


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