This is obviously new

Instead of pointing out that we have a new website we first of all like to say:
THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for making it possible that we’re still here (with our new website).

To be perfectly honest: here’s still something to do. We have to complete the data for all of our past releases and we will do so. But we already got new stuff, coming albums and EPs, CDs and Vinyls. Good stuff, you know…

Plus: just look around, plenty of icons to klick, to share content, to show love and what not.

Look over there, to the right =>
Bands performing live. Maybe in your town? Or close? Why not visiting a concert?

But before the “getting silly” gets out of hand we simply continue with what we’re kinda good at and if you spot something on this page that you don’t really like or think we should know about, drop us a line. You can comment a lot here…
And if we’re getting really lucky you even sign up to our mailing list.


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